Bill Koch Denies Climate Change in Wake of Sandy

In a week where millions of people are reeling from a storm of historic proportions, and even some climate skeptics conceded a little ground, dirty energy billionaire and Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound co-chairman Bill Koch stooped to new lows:   he came out and derided the threat of climate change as “BS arguments” peddled by alternative energy developers to capitalize on what he mockingly called the unproven “apocalypse of global warming.” Really?

Credit: ABC News.

Koch’s interview in a November 1 Cape Cod Times article about the influence of politics on the Cape Wind project is the first time in years that he has spoken on the public record about his opposition to Cape Wind. He certainly didn’t do his pet cause any favors. In his comments, Koch brushed the project off as “an irritant” that he opposes primarily because of so-called “visual pollution” – interesting comments from someone who has spent millions trying to stop it. Koch’s remarks go on to reveal a man used to wielding his influence like a weapon to protect his dirty fossil fuel interests. In the article, Koch petulantly complained about a system of overregulation designed to kill coal – his Oxbow Carbon energy conglomerate operates a massive coal mine in Colorado – and promised that he would not make future investments in the United States unless existing protections are weakened.

With Koch throwing millions of dollars around to stop projects and policies that threaten his dirty energy empire, are we to believe that his motivation for bankrolling the Alliance is really to preserve his view? He’s got to be kidding, talking about “visual pollution” as a reason to oppose Cape Wind while sickening scenes of fire-gutted houses, shattered boardwalks, upended cars and boats, and splintered trees imprint themselves on the national psyche. Again.

Koch’s latest unseemly claims about Cape Wind and his transparently self-serving denial of the facts about climate change starkly reveal a dirty energy titan with his head firmly planted in the sand.


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Stand With Cape Wind Now!

For over a decade, Cape Wind’s promise of clean, renewable energy and new jobs for our state and region has been held captive by dirty energy-backed opposition. Enough is enough: Cape Wind can and should be built – but we have to stand together.