Now Koch is on the Record as an Official Hypocrite

The Times deserves credit for getting the elusive billionaire Bill Koch on the record (“Politics shape Cape Wind debate,” Nov. 1). It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Koch calls Cape Wind “somewhat of an irritant.” Pretty modest for a guy who’s spent a decade financing the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, his personal front group with no legitimacy in the environmental community.

He talks about “visual pollution” but apparently has no problem with real pollution or the scars caused by his coal mines and industry oil rigs off the coast. He talks about the cost of wind energy, but what’s the cost of climate change in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Katrina and the BP oil spill? Bill Koch talks about cost, but he never mentions the decades of government subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, where he made his fortune.

America is decades behind Europe and China in developing offshore wind. It’s a tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It’s a job creator in China. It is America’s future. And Cape Wind will be built.

George Bachrach
Environmental League
of Massachusetts

Originally published in The Cape Cod Times.

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Stand With Cape Wind Now!

For over a decade, Cape Wind’s promise of clean, renewable energy and new jobs for our state and region has been held captive by dirty energy-backed opposition. Enough is enough: Cape Wind can and should be built – but we have to stand together.